Children’s dentistry

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Already in their first year of life, children develop milk teeth. From this moment it’s necessary to monitor dental health and regularly visit a dentist. Every pediadentist at Denta Vita Clinic can tell you that proper care of the teeth in childhood is the key to a beautiful and healthy smile in the future.

And for most people, it’s not enough just to monitor oral hygiene. Regular visits to the dentist in childhood and adolescence can help to avoid tooth loss or the need for complex interferences by other specialists in the future.

Our children are lucky. They were born at a time when the dental treatment was performed without pain, fear, and discomfort. The days when a pediadentist was an enemy No. 1 for a child and his parents are gone.

Denta Vita Clinic offers a completely different approach to dental treatment in children. First of all, we pay attention to every little patient and calm down their parents. The thing is that if parents are worried, their nervous state will be transmitted to the child.

We surround every small patient with care so that he trusts his doctor and gets rid of fear before the upcoming treatment. All dental offices are equipped with modern European equipment and the best materials. Therefore, we can carefully and painlessly treat your children’s teeth.

Your children will not be afraid to come to us for the second time. And a trusting relationship with your child allows us to more effectively provide dental services even to the smallest patients.

The Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Denta Vita provides the following services:

Передовые технологии
Treatment and prevention of caries
Справедливые цены
Milk teeth removal
Сервис на высшем уровне
Professional oral hygiene
Выявление и коррекция неправильного развития челюстей и прикуса
Identification and correction of jaws and bite maldevelopment
Передовые технологии
Development of an individual oral care plan and selection of the most suitable hygiene products
Справедливые цены
Installation of braces
Сервис на высшем уровне
Correction of cosmetic defects in teeth
Выявление и коррекция неправильного развития челюстей и прикуса
Consultation and logopedic treatment

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Why is it necessary to visit a dentist in childhood?

1.      Proper care of milk teeth is the basis of healthy secondary teeth.

A very common misconception of parents is that they believe they do not need to treat milk teeth because these fall out and are replaced by the secondary ones. But caries is an infection that spreads easily into the child’s body and in 100% of cases passes to secondary teeth. Moreover, the teeth affected by caries in children also hurt and cause your child a great discomfort.

2.      Milk teeth are more exposed to caries

Plaque on milk teeth causes the expansion of pathogenic microorganisms that soften immature enamel. As a result, it becomes soft and the bacteria penetrate deeper and cause caries. The disease spreads 2-4 times faster than in adults. Therefore, in order to avoid extensive damage to tooth enamel with caries, it is recommended to visit a doctor at least 1 time in 6 months.

3.      The pediatric dentist can detect malocclusion

During the dental arch formation, it is very important to monitor the correct bite. If parents miss congenital or acquired defects, this can cause a lot of problems, including tooth decay in the future. A common example of an acquired defect is the removal of a baby tooth too early. It can often result in appearing of an incorrect bite, which is invisible to parents, but can bother the child.

Correcting the bite at a younger age is simpler, faster, and cheaper than in adulthood. In the future, your child will thank you for the timely visit of the dentist and defects correction.

4.      Creating the Right Oral Care Habits

Pediatric dentistry is designed not only to treat but also to prevent serious problems with teeth. Therefore, each dental pediatrician teaches the child the dental care rules. The doctor forms the habit of regular tooth brushing, dental floss usage, the necessity of chewing food well, and regular visits to the doctor in childhood.

In addition, a friendly discussion with your child allows avoiding the fear of dental treatment since childhood. This is very important because we all encounter dental treatment at one or another period of our lives. Sometimes it still happens, when people at 30 and 40 years old sit in the dental chair with great fear. It makes the treatment to go much more difficult.

Pediatric dentistry in Chisinau has moved to a completely different level. The doctors of our clinic have a vast experience working with children. They apply modern methods of treatment without pain and soft tissue damage.

In our clinic, you can forget about pain and fear, feeling safe. You can rely on us when you come with your child, and we are convinced that you will be satisfied with our doctors’ attitude to their work.