We provide the opportunity to smile, eat, kiss and live life to the fullest!

Передовые технологии
Advanced technologies

Denta Vita Clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows using advanced technologies and techniques in the treatment.

Справедливые цены
Honest prices

The treatment plan and cost of each step and procedure are discussed with the patient. We always strive to provide you with the best result, and our prices are always fair.

Сервис на высшем уровне
Top level service

Denta Vita is about the highest level of service! We do our best to make dear patients feel comfortable and calm, even during complex manipulations.

Нас рекомендуют уже 20 лет
We have been recommended for 20 years

Our dental clinic has been helping people improve and maintain healthy and beautiful smiles for over 20 years, and our patients no longer ask where to find a good clinic in Chisinau.

Not every dentistry in Chisinau boasts such a wide range of services and professionalism of doctors as DENTA VITA. We know how important it is to provide maximum care and responsibility in relation to each case and each patient, from baby to adult.

This is the main reason why for many families in Moldova, we have become a favorite dental clinic. The patients from our pediatric dentistry remain with Denta Vita even when they become adults.

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Имплантация зубов
Dental implantation
Протезирование зубов
Dental prosthetics
Лечение зубов
Dental and gum treatment
Отбеливание и реставрация зубов
Teeth whitening and restoration
Установка брекетов
Braces installation
Хирургия и удаление зубов
Dental surgery and tooth extraction
Лечение дёсен
Профессиональная чистка зубов
Professional tooth brushing

Diagnosis and treatment are based on scientific and practical knowledge of our doctors, as well as advanced methods of examining a patient in dentistry. Thanks to all this, we manage to avoid any discomfort after the treatment.

Patients of the DENTA VITA clinic do not ask themselves, ‘when is the good day to go to the dentist,’ because they are 100% confident in the complete safety of their health. We use only reliable and certified equipment and agents for processing and sterilization of instruments.

Dear patients! My name is Sergei Sukhan, and I have been the head of the Denta Vita clinic for over 20 years. I can state with confidence that all doctors in our clinic are constantly mastering new technologies, expanding their horizons, and improving their professional qualifications. They do it to ensure the most effective and highest quality treatment.

DENTA VITA specialists can choose the treatment option that is right for you. With a team approach in each case, the doctors will complete the work until the end and do it in the best way possible.
Our doctors will help you to have 100% healthy teeth and feel an irresistible desire to smile.

I wish you good luck and sparkling smiles!

Sincerely, Sergey Suhan.

Meet the other stars of our medical team

Suhan Maria

Dentist. Profile: orthodontics.

Caldarari Stanislav

Dentist. Profile: surgeon – implantologist.

Strîșca Stanislav

Dentist. Profile: surgeon – implantologist.

Cazacu Cornel

Dentist. Profile: orthopedics, therapy,

Condratiuc Elena

Dentist. Profile: therapy, children dentistry.

Pronovici Marina

Dentist. Profile: orthopedics

Reviews from our customers

Thank you so much for my new teeth!! I feel like they were always there !it was a lot of work but I am very happy! I want to say your staff is an awesome team and thank you to all who helped me, your awesome!! See you again in August.

Bob Hayes

Bob Hayes

La momentul de fata este cea mai buna clinica stomatologica din Moldova pe care o cunosc si la care am apelat cu incredere. O recomand tuturor celor care cauta calitate, igiena in munca, amabilitate si grija fata de client.

Tania Rimbu

Tania Rimbu