Toothbrushing – Comfortable, quick and painless

Professional tooth brushing is not the same thing that we all do in the morning in the bathroom. Toothpastes, threads, and mouth rinses are essential for dental care, but sometimes these are not enough.

Dental Clinic Denta Vita has the entire arsenal of products for hygienic toothbrushing. We will make your smile as bright as possible. The procedure is quick and doesn’t cause much discomfort!

Benefits of tooth brushing at Denta Vita:

  • Gentle cleansing of teeth from plaque and tartar.
  • Cleaning of the tooth surface in hard to reach places.
  • No damage to the dental enamel.
  • A completely painless procedure.
  • Teeth shade becomes several times lighter.
  • The result is noticeable after the first procedure.
Передовые технологии
Gentle cleansing of teeth from plaque and tartar
Справедливые цены
Cleaning of the tooth surface in hard to reach places
Сервис на высшем уровне
No damage to the dental enamel
Передовые технологии
A completely painless procedure
Справедливые цены
Teeth shade becomes several times lighter
Сервис на высшем уровне
The result is noticeable after the first procedure

If you do an online application, you get the following: Free workshop on the tooth brushing.

The patient needs to make only one thing – come for a consultation to Denta Vita. We will talk about the benefits of tooth brushing and prove that a simple tooth brush cannot be compared with our equipment when it comes to the quality of cleaning.

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What happens during the tooth brushing procedure?

So, you’ve made yourself comfortable in the dental chair. We start working and explaining everything we do at the moment.

Stages of professional toothbrushing in DENTA VITA clinic:

  • Soft tissue isolation
  • Determination of places and amount of plaque
  • Ultrasonic cleaning with the CAVITRON tool
  • Airflow teeth polishing with ProphyPearls powder
  • Enamel treatment with fluorine-containing gels (if necessary)

The procedure lasts about 35-45 minutes. The feeling of freshness in the mouth will last for many months.

What is the Air Flow tooth brushing?

This is a hygienic procedure designed to remove plaque and tartar. A specially processed fine powder is supplied with a stream of air and water. The powder strikes the surface of the tooth and removes plaque and stains.

Air Flow Technology (ProphyFlex) can be compared to sandblasting of metal surfaces. You should not be afraid of such an association. The technologies are similar, but not identical.

The treatment of the surface with a jet of air and water paired with an abrasive is soft and safe. The special spherical shape of the calcium carbonate powder particles has no corners or cuts. Therefore, the abrasive is delicate to your teeth and surrounding tissues.

Toothbrushing in our clinic provides high-quality removal of soft and firm dental deposits in hard to reach places. In the end of the procedure, the hygienist will tell you about personal hygiene products for the oral cavity and their intended use.

We know that the importance of tartar removal cannot be calculated in money. Everyone who contacted us at least once was convinced by personal experience of how important dental care is.

Bonus! A gift from Denta Vita

On special campaign days, Denta Vita Dental Clinic will give you a special FLOSSER for cleaning of interdental spaces. Call us today and come for a consultation to learn more.