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Dental surgery is a fundamental part of dentistry. Despite the popular belief, the dentist surgeon strives to preserve the patient’s teeth and considers the removal only in extreme cases.

However, even if surgery is required, it is performed with minimal damage to the tissues of the dentition and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

The Denta Vita Surgery Department provides the following services:

Передовые технологии
Tooth extraction
Справедливые цены
Removal of an impacted tooth
Сервис на высшем уровне
Removal of a wisdom tooth (in any position, including horizontal)
Передовые технологии
Dental implantation
Справедливые цены
Bone augmentation
Сервис на высшем уровне
Implantation and prosthetics. Everything on the 4 teeth and Everything on the 6 teeth (on the unteethed jaw)

First of all, the patient is prescribed a computerized tomography of the jaws. After studying the received images, your doctor will be able to determine the cause of the pathology and, if possible, prescribe a treatment. Or, he can find an alternative solution to preserve the integrity of the bone formation.

Denta Vita clinic performs the following types of tooth-preserving surgery:

  • Cystectomy – cyst removal from the soft tissues;
  • Hemisection of the tooth – removal of one of the roots of a multi-root tooth, or removal of its damaged part, which is involved in the inflammatory process;
  • Resection of the root tip – a small (damaged) part to stop the spread of the damage.

In what cases a tooth extraction is recommended?

A resection or extraction of the tooth is performed in the following cases:

  • carious infection destroyed or damaged the tooth root;
  • there was a fracture of the crown and tooth pulp became exposed;
  • the roots are damaged by caries or infection and are not suitable for pin installation;
  • severe tooth loosening caused by periodontal disease;
  • the tooth is broken and there is no way to restore it;
  • there is a change in the position of the tooth and it affects the entire dental row

There are several stages of surgery:

  • the patient is given infiltration anesthesia;
  • the gum is separated from the tooth neck;
  • then the dental forceps are fixed and the tooth wobbling in the hole is performed;
  • then the tooth is removed from the hole;
  • without fail, the doctor removes a part of the infected tissue and cleans the hole.
  • if the defect is big, then immediately resort to bone augmentation;

Before anesthesia, Denta Vita specialists make an anesthetic test to exclude an allergic reaction during the procedure.

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How much does a tooth extraction cost?

If there is no severe inflammation of the soft tissues, our doctors extract the root in one session.

If there is an infectious process, the doctor prescribes treatment for the patient to exclude the spread of pathogenic microflora during the surgery. Only after the treatment procedures, the specialists of the Denta Vita clinic start the surgical intervention.

The cost of a tooth extraction depends on the complexity of the surgical intervention and the number of therapeutic procedures.

We adhere to transparent pricing policy, therefore, after a preliminary examination, the doctor will tell you about the state of the roots, show the problem areas in the pictures and explain how the price of the tooth extraction in your particular case is calculated.

You can schedule an appointment with a dental surgeon at the Denta Vita Clinic by phone or online.

When should wisdom teeth be removed?

Removing a wisdom tooth is not always a simple surgical procedure, as the roots are located deep in the bone tissue. In many cases, gum cutting is required in order to reach the base of the wisdom tooth.

A wisdom tooth is removed if:

  • it is located in a horizontal position and can cause a displacement of the tooth range;
  • it squeezes the entire tooth range due to insufficient space;
  • there is a chronic inflammation of the soft tissues;
  • it cuts at an angle or horizontally.

At the patient’s request, doctors from the Denta Vita clinic can perform a complex removal of the 8th tooth (wisdom tooth) using a sedation method. The patient does not feel pain at all, his anxiety disappears and it allows our doctors to perform their work faster and more effectively.

If you are looking for an experienced dental surgeon in Chisinau, we will be happy to help you at any time. Give us a call and come to Denta Vita. We know how to make your smile shine!