Smile with pleasure and be sure – you have an impecable smile! We know how to make you smile more often.

Why choose Denta Vita?

Высококлассные специалисты
High-end professionals

The team that creates your new smile consists of highly professional dental prosthetists, clinicians, orthodontists, and dental technicians. Our implant surgeons are proud to be among the pioneers of implantology in Moldova

20-летний опыт работы
20 years of experience

During this period we placed a great number of various types of implants, from which 98,5% were grafted. We successfully installed dental crowns, bridges, and other fixtures

Лучшие методики протезирования
Best prosthetics methods

Internships at top clinics abroad and permanent improvement of skills allow successful using of advanced techniques and technologies

Скрупулезное следование технологии
Scrupulous adherence to technology

We always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure your dentures live the longest life

Types of prosthetic dentistry we offer

Veneers and dental crowns from lithium disilicate
Zirconium caps
Implant-supported dentures
Bio- porcelain fused metal crowns
Dental build-ups and post&core
Bugel prosthesis

Not sure which option is right for you?

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You are just 4 steps away from your new smile

1. Examination

We perform a complete examination of the oral cavity, on the basis of which we make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan. We discuss all treatment options with you, so you can choose the solution that suits you best.

2. Preparation

We do a professional tooth brushing and gums and teeth treatment, if necessary. We also prepare abutment teeth for dental bridges and crowns or place an ‘artificial root’, if implant placement is planned.

3. Crown work

We take molds and start the process of making crowns. At your request and if there are any indications, we can place a temporary implant for greater comfort.

4. Implant insertion

The prosthesis is installed in such a way that you feel as comfortable as possible. From now on, neither you nor the people around you can guess that any of your teeth van be fake.