Dental tourism

Why should you go abroad?

Despite the fact that dental tourism in Moldova is a fairly young phenomenon, every year it becomes more and more popular. This is a good combination of an urban rest in our country coupled with dental treatment.

Dental tours to Moldova can now be ordered at many EU travel agencies that specialize in medical tourism. Looking for savings, many Europeans choose our country for dental treatment and for new experiences.

After getting an excellent result for little money, many tourists become our regular customers and regularly come to Moldova for the treatment and prevention of dental diseases.

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The advantages of dental clinics in Moldova


Even in the cheapest EU countries, dental prosthetics will be 2-3 times more expensive than in Moldova. At the same time, during the treatment dental clinics in Moldova use the same technologies and materials, which are used in European clinics. As a result, patients receive perfect quality for optimal money.


Local dentists have a high level of professionalism. Thanks to a good educational base, local specialists are not worse and in some professional aspects even surpass their colleagues from the EU, CIS, and the USA. The quality of the work performed by our dentists is highly valued abroad.


The dental clinics feature modern equipment and high-quality materials. In addition to the highly ergonomic ANTHOS dental units and KAESER compressors, the PLANMECA radiovisiograph and tomograph, the Denta Vita Clinic also has advanced Class B autoclaves for TUTNAUER sterilization, bactericidal cameras, DOCTOR SMILE dental laser, KARL KAPS microscopes, NEXT DENT 3D printer, MEDIT I500 intraoral scanner, CAD/CAM equipment from ROLAND and many others. The new equipment allows us to offer higher quality and safe medical services.


 It’s a great opportunity to combine dental tourism with visiting incredibly beautiful places. Every year Moldova is becoming more and more attractive to tourists. There you can always find what to see and where to get unforgettable emotions. And you can get all of this for little money.

In Moldova, you can find low prices for dental services, medicines, and accommodation. Therefore, even if you are planning dental treatment abroad, but do not want to buy a ticket in a travel agency, it will be easy and profitable to organize a trip with us. You get great service and save more than anywhere else in Europe.

Come to us in Moldova. Denta Vita Clinic will become a place of constant dental tourism for you and your loved ones. We will provide affordable and high-quality dental care that meets all international standards.