Dental Prosthetics: Types, Features, Prices
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Dental Prosthetics: Types, Features, Prices

Dental prosthetics are used to restore the dental arch continuity and to ensure the teeth-jaw system functionality. Properly fitted dentures help shine with a dazzling smile, eat and talk with no discomfort.

Denta Vita clinic provides the highest quality prosthodontics in Chisinau. Our specialists can easily solve problems of any complexity with various orthopedic structures and modern solutions, including CAD/CAM technologies.

Denture types

Teeth can be significantly damaged or even lost. Many patients may face any of these problems. Fixed and removable dentures help restore the jaw functionality.

Fixed structures can be as follows:

  1. Dental crowns. These are made of various materials, including ceramics (lithium disilicate), zirconium oxide, porcelain fused metal, metal, metal composite, and plastic.
  2. Dental bridges or crowns. These are connected with special dental cement to implants or abutment teeth, limiting the defect.
  3. Microprosthetics. A destroyed part of the tooth is restored with a partial denture (inLay, onLay, overLay) of lithium disilicate or composite. Dentures with inlays allow preserving teeth without the need to use crowns.
  4. Complete arch restoration on All on 4 & All on 6 implants. In this case, an interim metal-plastic denture is made to wear for 4-6 months. A permanent denture is made of metal composite, PFM, or zirconium. In this case, It’s better to use screw-retained than cement-retained fixation. It allows the doctor to remove the denture at any time for any prophylactic measures if necessary. A cheap cement-retained fixation will have to be cut, and a new one will have to be made.

Considering the types of dental prosthetics, do not forget about removable structures. They can be easily removed from the mouth, for example, during sleep and oral hygiene. They seem to be relevant for complete adentia. They are not very comfortable because they can move in the mouth while eating or talking. However, at low cost, they can be used as an alternative to All on 4 or All on 6.

Depending on the design, the dentures can be as follows:

  1. Partially removable dentures. They look like gums and teeth and used to replace two or more elements. In the mouth, they are fixed with plastic or metal hooks and clasps. Clasp dental prosthesis is considered the best among modern varieties.
  2. Complete dentures – is the cheapest type of dental prosthetics, easily covering a large number of missing teeth. The structure is made of nylon or acrylic. It is kept secured in the mouth thanks to the suction cup effect, special gels, and adhesives. These dentures can be secured with 2 or 4 implants. A metal beam or special clasps serve as a connecting link.

A variety of methods and materials used at Denta Vita Clinic allow you to choose an effective solution for any case.

Which denture is better?

Everyone knows about dentures. However, not everyone knows how to choose. To make the right decision, it is important to trust a specialist, to consider all peculiarities of each specific case.

Removable dentures are believed to be relevant in case of significant tooth loss, complete edentulism, or insufficient funds for getting permanent dentures. Denta Vita offers affordable dental prosthetics prices so that you can afford restoration of aesthetic chewing function without serious financial expenses.

An interim dental prosthesis is an effective solution as an intermediate step before a permanent denture.

Prosthetics of the anterior maxillary teeth are often made with veneers, making your smile visually more appealing. Thin shells cover the front surface of the tooth, concealing any imperfections. Crowns help preserve badly damaged teeth with a healthy root, fill in the gaps in the dental arch. They are also practical and easily cope with the high mechanical load. Therefore, they seem to be the best answer to the question of which dentures are the best for grinding teeth.

Dental Clinic Denta Vita (Chisinau) is always happy to see new patients. Visit us and see how convenient and comfortable the dental prosthetics procedure can be. We look forward to meeting you for our consultations!