Lingual Braces: Advantages and Disadvantages
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Lingual Braces: Advantages and Disadvantages

Lingual braces are used to correct occlusion malocclusion, they are affixed to the back of the teeth. They are considered the most aesthetic and used in many cases in order to fix misalignments.


Their main advantage is invisibility to others since they are attached on the inner surface of the tooth and they are tiny.

Before placing lingual braces, the oral cavity should be sanitized.

Other positive features of the systems:

  • They are reliable and high quality
  • This is an individual system customized for each clinical case
  • All is manufactured in Germany within 2 months

Features: first 2-3 weeks, some tongue discomfort, a slight lisp.

During this period, lingual braces actively affect diction. Some patients start speaking with a burr. Others have difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds or words. But soon patients adapt to appliances and all discomfort is gone. The patient feels comfortable.

The main advantage of lingual braces is their full invisibility.

What do you need to know?

The setting up lingual braces comes with some challenges. Therefore, it is better first to consult with our orthodontist.

The only disadvantage is the fact that not many orthodontists work with lingual braces.

Individual lingual braces are an expensive but aesthetic system to fix the bite. Should you choose it or give preference to other systems, the orthodontist determines in each case.

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