Implantation Advantages and Disadvantages
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Implantation Advantages and Disadvantages

Currently many people are interested in the dentition restoration and choose implantation. The procedure is acknowledged to be good and to replace successfully old denture methods. Artificial teeth, consisting of implants with crowns placed into the maxillofacial bone, can last up to 20 years or more and maintain the dentition aesthetics and functionality.

If one or more teeth are lost, a patient has to choose: conventional dental prosthetics or implantation. And this is reasonable – the procedure is associated with many questions, including:

  • how is a tooth implanted;
  • which implants are better;
  • is it painful to implant a tooth;
  • can be teeth implanted without surgery;
  • what is the post dental implantation period;
  • how much does one dental implant cost in Chisinau;
  • if the anterior teeth implantation has any specifics;
  • if swelling may appear upon dental implantation.

To dot the “i’s” and cross the t’s and to make the right choice, all advantages and weaknesses of the procedure should be determined.

Who is indicated for teeth treatment and dental prosthetics using implantation and what are its advantages

Even when trying to replace a single missing tooth, the question may arise: “bridge or implant?” Yes, on the one hand, the tooth bridge costs less and is less time-consuming, but on the other hand, the adjacent teeth, often healthy, need to be recontoured. If the patient is not ready to prepare healthy teeth in order to restore the dentition, s/he should think about implantation.

In addition to preserving teeth neighboring to a missing tooth, dental implantation in Chisinau (Denta Vita), which costs depending on the work scope, provides the following advantages:

1. Jaw deformation prevention

Because of missing tooth roots, bone tissues may atrophy. This results in displacement of the remaining teeth towards the missed one, gaps between the teeth, and bite shifting. Visually, you can notice the sagging cheeks and wrinkled lips, the lower jaw pushed forward making you look older. Implants maintain the same pressure on the jaw and these adverse consequences can be avoided.

2. Durability

The service life of dental implants is over 20 years. However, the patient is recommended to regularly and thoroughly brush his teeth, especially the implantation area, to observe all the doctor’s recommendations and visit the clinic twice a year for follow-up of the implantation, for a professional examination and oral hygiene. During the medical examination, the doctor corrects oral hygiene and thereby extends the life of the implants.

3. Imitation of natural teeth

Dental implantation implies natural teeth imitation. Crowns for implants are made at specialized laboratories to match the shape, size and color to the natural dentition. As a result, no differences from natural teeth are visible.

4. Convenience

There are many different types of dental implants. We offer ICX (Germany) and Nobel Biocare (USA) implants to our patients. Whatever you choose, the Denta Vita clinic will do the best to make you comfortable.

Dental implants are easy to care for, they do not need to be removed before bed, they take little time to get used to and they do not cause speech impairment.

Dental implantation: contraindications

Despite the advantages, implantation has some contraindications. So, implants are not advised in:

  • poor blood clotting;
  • mental illness;
  • oncological pathologies;
  • diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV;
  • hypertension and coronary heart disease;
  • oral mucosa diseases;
  • pregnancy.

In addition to contraindications, implantation has other disadvantages, including:

1. Implant price

Often, a dental implant is not affordable to some categories of citizens because of its cost. But we believe that it is better to choose an alternative to dental bridges, which involve recontouring healthy teeth and removing their enamel which can never be restored.

2. Implant placement duration

The surgery to place the dental implant lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. It depends on the number of implants and if the bone in this site should be augmented (splitting or sinus lifting). The first 3 days, soft tissues may be slightly swollen, this is a normal reaction, and afterwards everything makes a quick recovery and returns to normal. More often, implantation is easier tolerated than a tooth extraction procedure.

3. Complications

Sometimes dental implants give complications such as pain, swelling, hematomas, suture lines disruption, or inflammation of the surrounding tissues. However, the procedure involves taking antibiotics and, possibly, pain relievers, also complications are very rare. So if you comply with the doctor’s recommendations, you definitely avoid any possible complications. According to statistics, 99% of dental implants are successful and the osseointegration period usually passes without any complications.

Denta Vita clinic offers professional dental implantation services in Chisinau. We know how to restore a shiny white smile and to keep healthy teeth. Come to us, we will consult you regarding details.