What is a Clasp Dental Prosthesis?
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What is a Clasp Dental Prosthesis?

In case of loss of the front teeth and when a dental bridge or implants are not indicated, our dental clinic specialists offer clasp dental prosthesis to our patients to quickly restore the chewing function.

This is a removable structure with a metal framework that looks like a gum. The clasp dentures are affixed to healthy teeth with klammers, telescopic crowns or attachments and ensure the loading forces during mastication over the dentition.

When dentists recommend a clasp dental prosthesis?

Clasp dental prosthetics are indicated for patients with the following problems:

  • defects in the teeth integrity, when other methods of prosthetics are not recommended;
  • free-end saddles, both unilateral and bilateral.

Fabrication of clasp dentures is a complex procedure, which determines the prosthetics process quality, comfort wear and the functionality of the restored dentition. That is why a clasp dental prosthesis should be made by an experienced specialist, which you can find in the Denta Vita team.

However, even if a patient wants this procedure, the doctors of our center may refuse to use clasp dental prosthetics in case of contraindications to the procedure, including:

  • hypersensitivity and allergic reactions to the clasp denture components;
  • acute systemic diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases in a patient;
  • inflammation of the oral cavity tissues;
  • missing supporting teeth for fixing the prosthesis.

Clasp dental prostheses offered by our clinic are characterized by high quality and extra wear resistance. We approach responsibly to all stages of dental prosthetics, therefore we can guarantee a long-term result.

The main types of modern clasp dental prostheses

This kind of dental prosthesis differs not only in the material, but also in the method of fixation in the oral cavity. Depending on the type of structure clamps, the following types can be mentioned:

  • klammer clasp dental prosthesis, affixed to abutments with metal hooks;
  • attachment clasp dental prosthesis, fixed with clasps, absolutely invisible on the teeth;
  • telescopic crown clasp dental prosthesis, with fixing crowns fitted onto an abutment tooth.

All elements of the clasp dental prosthesis should comply with modern quality standards. To get a high-quality denture, it is important to choose specialists with a good reputation. Contact our dental clinic to get an appointment with such a skilled specialist.

What are the disadvantages?

Clasp dental prosthesis on the upper or lower jaw is characterized by its reliability, stability, aesthetics and no speech problems afterwards. But it still has several significant disadvantages, in particular, the high cost compared to other removable dentures, some discomfort during the adjustment period and the need to use the abutment teeth.

More detailed information about clasp dental prostheses will be provided by our clinic dentist with the required knowledge and experience to perform prosthetics of any complexity. Call us and schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you.