What is Orthodontics in Dentistry?
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What is Orthodontics in Dentistry?

Today, orthodontic treatment is an essential part of dentistry. Its primary purpose is the correction of defects in the development of the dentition and maxillofacial skeleton. Because of the teeth’ unevenness, it isn’t easy to take proper care of them during daily hygienic cleaning.

Therefore, they are more susceptible to the early development of caries and periodontitis. The abnormal position of the teeth and jawbones increases the stress when chewing, which, as a result, manifests itself as headaches or maxillo-temporal joint syndrome. Also, such a problem negatively affects the appearance of a person and can cause insecurities.

The good news is that anyone can correct defects in the dentition and occlusion by visiting the orthodontic office in the Denta Vita clinic. Professional specialists in our clinic can recognize the real causes of the development of a pathological condition and take effective measures to improve the health of the oral cavity and provide a dream smile.

When do you need help from an orthodontist?

The orthodontist can determine the need for treatment and methods of correction. He will examine the oral cavity and make a diagnosis based on the complaints and anamnestic data collected from the patient.

After that, the orthodontist makes unique cast teeth models, takes individual X-ray images, computed tomography, and biometric measurements. All this helps him define a future treatment plan aimed at restoring the health of the dentition and the dental-jaw system.

An orthodontist doctor will prescribe effective treatment in the following cases:

  • Disto-occlusion with the location of the upper dentition in front, in relation to the lower dentition;
  • Anterior occlusion;
  • Cross occlusion, when the healthy development of one of the sides of either jaw is impaired;
  • Open occlusion or gap formation between closed upper and lower teeth;
  • Displacement of the occlusion to the side;
  • Gaps between the teeth, the so-called: diastema and trema;
  • Super-numerary teeth;
  • Overcrowding of the teeth;
  • Primary or secondary adentia (with the help of orthodontic treatment, it is possible to create or save space in the dentition);

Denta Vita is new generation dentistry that provides a high-level orthodontic treatment of different levels of complexity children and adults. We take into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the complexity of orthodontic pathology. We take a personal approach to every patient. In our work, we adhere to the principle of maximum attention to detail, which ensures a beautiful and healthy smile for years.

How is an orthodontic treatment carried out?

The change in the teeth position and the normalization of the chewing muscles’ functioning is achieved by the installation of special orthodontic structures, which exert moderate pressure on the dentition and the entire dentoalveolar apparatus as a whole. The dental orthodontist of the Denta Vita clinic can accurately determine the most effective way of treating each patient. They take into account the complexity of the diagnosis and the possibilities of modern orthodontics.

Thanks to extensive experience and the use of the best removable and non-removable orthodontic constructions, our orthodontist can correct defects in the jaw row as a whole and defects of individual teeth. Orthodontics in the Denta Vita clinic is distinguished by the quality services at an affordable cost. Anyone can install an orthodontic appliance of the following type:

1.         Braces are the well-known orthodontic structures of a fixed type. The main components are the braces themselves, archwires, ligatures, and orthodontic elastics. Our orthodontist can accurately select truly effective equipment that meets the wishes and needs of the patient. Our pediatric dentist can always offer competent preparatory treatment before installing the braces.

2.    Special space holders, which appeared as a result of the early loss of a milk tooth. These are made in our clinic and are a kind of non-removable structure used by an orthodontist for children in a mixed bite who have lost their milk teeth early. Therefore it became necessary to save free space for the future eruption of permanent teeth.

3.         Removable appliances, used in early milk bite or mixed bite.

4.         Orthodontic cribs. The orthodontist prescribes these to maintain the desired space between the teeth. They can be easily removed when you need to eat or brush your teeth.

The best orthodontists in our clinic are always ready to examine patients and advise on the correct way to correct dentoalveolar defects at any age. To schedule your visit to the Denta Vita Orthodontics Center, you can contact us by phone or come to the clinic.