Damon Braces - Why Do We Choose Them?
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Damon Braces – Why Do We Choose Them?

American doctor Dr. Dwight Damon revolutionized orthodontics when he developed the ligature-free Damon braces, which very soon became associated with pleasant and comfortable teeth alignment.

The specialists of our clinic take care of their patients. Therefore, they prefer to work with high-quality braces, using Damon braces in orthodontic practice. The modern Damon system allows you to treat bite disorders quickly and without a feeling of discomfort, making a person’s smile healthier and more beautiful.

Main features of Damon braces

Damon self-ligating braces have several characteristic features that distinguish them from regular braces from other manufacturers:

  • Damon braces do not need ligatures since an arc located in the groove of each individual system provides their functionality;
  • Thanks to a unique arch, the design creates constant pressure, which contributes to a faster alignment of the teeth;
  • Ligature-free mechanism eliminates discomfort and makes wearing Damon braces more comfortable and pleasant.

Damon braces have an innovative dental alignment system that eliminates the significant number of problems that arise when wearing regular braces. Our orthodontists use American Damon braces as the most effective braces that perfectly fit all types of teeth, regardless of their size and growth characteristics.

The Damon Braces System has been proven to provide its wearer with several benefits:

  • Reduction of the smile correction period by a quarter compared to wearing ordinary orthodontic braces;
  • Lack of discomfort after installation (a patient may have discomfort associated with getting used to the presence of a structure in the mouth after any orthodontic procedure, but when using the Damon braces system, it disappears after 1-2 days);
  • Halving the frequency of visits to the orthodontist, which is due to the self-adjusting system.

Damon braces types

There are several types of Damon braces, which are distinguished by improved aesthetics and functional characteristics, namely:

1.         Aesthetic Damon Clear braces for a genuine Hollywood smile. These are made from unique polycrystalline material, which has many advantages. Particularly this is invisibility on the teeth and resistance to staining with food colorants. The only drawback that characterizes the Daimon Clear braces is their reduced durability compared to metal structures.

2.         Damon 3 and Damon 3mx braces are durable and reliable braces made of high-quality stainless steel. They have smooth contours and do not oxidize under the influence of saliva or food. The main disadvantage of such a system is their appearance, but for most clients, this is not a problem!

3.         Metal braces Damon Q is a perfect system distinguished by its miniature size, increased comfort, and shortened therapy time. These are solid structures at an affordable cost. These have become the choice of millions of patients in orthodontic centers around the globe.

For more detailed information about Damon braces, please contact the specialists of our Denta Vita clinic. Experienced orthodontists can quickly define the causes of disorders in the patient’s dentition and offer the most suitable bracket system at a favorable price.