Tooth Loss - Prevention and Prosthetics

Tooth Loss – Prevention and Prosthetics

Causes of tooth loss may vary. Most often it’s resulted from dental or chronic diseases. Edentulism (tooth loss) may occur at any age and requires to use different approaches to treatment. The most effective way to restore lost functions and aesthetic looking is dental prosthetics. Modern denture technology allows to correct the edentulism problem in the most difficult cases.

Tooth loss causes and prophylaxis

The loss of even a single tooth results in serious consequences, including bone atrophy, teeth or even alveolar ridge migration, occlusion change and impaired speech. In childhood and old age, people lose teeth for natural reasons, and it does not require treatment and dentist intervention. If the child’s tooth loss timing corresponds with norms, then you do not need to visit a dentist.

Causes of tooth loss:

  • chronic periodontitis and its complications;
  • systemic diseases: diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.;
  • mechanical damage: trauma and solid food;
  • incompliance with oral hygiene and care requirements;
  • consequences of late caries treatment.

Prompt visit to the dentist will prevent tooth loss.

How to stop tooth loss

To avoid tooth loss and visits to dental clinics, these simple rules should be observed regularly:

  • brush your teeth regularly and properly;
  • use dental floss and rinse after meals;
  • give up smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • visit the dentist every 6 months;
  • follow doctor’s recommendations.

Loss of the front teeth may lead to speech problems, and loss of molars, needed for proper chewing, may lead to gastrointestinal problems. Teeth loss worsens the appearance both in men and women due to cheeks sagging, which is always a reason to start urgently treatment. After tooth loss, you have to visit a specialist to select the optimal dental prosthetics method.

Dental prosthetics methods

Stomatology in general and Denta Vita Clinic in particular offer patients complete or partial dental prosthetics with high-quality materials. Each method has its own characteristics and seems to be optimal for a patient with specific dental problems.

At Denta Vita Clinics, specialists offer comprehensive examination of oral cavity and denture selection, taking into consideration patient’s expectations and technological capabilities.

Removable dentures

Laminar and clasp dentures are the most common among removable dentures. An orthopedic dentist will provide information about how dentures are affixed in case of toothlessness. Overdenture can be held by a “suction cup” or by applying a special fixing gel. If you have your own teeth to hold the denture, then metal or white plastic hooks (clasps) are used.

The most modern option for a removable denture is clasp denture in some missing teeth. Most of the plastic is replaced with a metal bar, this option is more compact in the mouth and does not block the taste sensors. The clasp denture is affixed to the teeth with metal hooks (klammers) or with locks (attachments).

Fixed dentures

Fixed dental bridges are placed after preliminary preparation of the existing teeth. It means the teeth should be contoured in this case.

To restore the dentition, preliminary implants can be placed to replace the teeth roots as an abutment for dental bridges or crowns.

Tooth crowns can be made of metal-free ceramics e.max or with a zirconium carcass for dental prosthetics because they are the most biocompatible and aesthetic.

Denta Vita clinic specialists will perfectly make dental prosthetics in Chisinau. We work with modern equipment, use certified materials and provide a long-term guarantee for our services.